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Mental coaching is for anyone who recognizes themselves in one or more of the situations below:

  • I want to learn how to manage my stress

  • I want to better manage my sleep

  • I would like to work on my breathing / relaxation

  • I fail to perform to my full potential during important moments

  • I'm good at training and not at competitions

  • I want to be ready for the coming season / for a national grouping (etc)

  • I lack confidence in myself and my abilities

  • I lack concentration

  • I have difficulty managing my emotions

  • I lack motivation to achieve my goals

  • I have an injury that keeps me out of the game and I don't know how to handle the situation

The session  : ( Duration of the session: 55 minutes​​ )

Ethics Sport accompanies you by preparing you mentally for all the challenges that await you in your career and in your life. Individual session based on a personalized and person-centered approach. The mental coach accompanies and guides the player in his quest for excellence.


The advantages of coaching: private and confidential discussions with the support at all times of a dedicated specialist who is attentive to your real needs and who understands the reality of the athlete and the sports world. The best way to work specifically on your needs and achieve your goals faster. You can ask all your questions, our experts are at your disposal to guide you and allow you to acquire all the qualities necessary to excel in your field.  

Mental Coaching includes:

  • 1 assessment offered

  • 1 coaching session

  • PDF materials

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